How it works


Call, mail or text me. I will come and meet with you to get to know your pet(s) a little and discuss your needs.  Once everyone is happy, we plan more in detail.  I will supply references if required so that you are comfortable with all the arrangements. I will confirm all the details we agree in writing. Then you supply a key so I can pick up /visit your pet.  

You can choose one (departure/return days), two or more visits per 24 hour period.  I ask for two daily visits in line with current regulations for cat welfare,  unless of course you have friends who are helping out and can offer additional support.  Friends often help and I like to keep in touch with them also to check all was well during their visit(s).   I am very happy to work with you on this.  

How it works

Each visit I arrive to feed the cat(s), let them in or out if applicable, clean the litter out, keep the area clean and tidy, clean the water bowl and then replace water, and importantly, spend some time playing and keeping them company.  I send a message to owners every visit, sometimes a photo.  Each visit is usually around 40 minutes, and each twice daily visit is 35 minutes.  I can arrange to stay overnight on special request.  Pricing on request

For information on my guideline prices and general conditions see prices section.  I operate a flexible system.  I will give you a quote after we meet.  You have the choice to stop the service at any time but if I have lost some business and you cancel, I ask for you to honour payment.

I send an invoice after the job is complete.  Payment is made by bank giro account, so is very simple. 

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