CATSITTING (at your home)
I will be delighted to come to your home you for a free, initial, no obligation meeting.  For an initial quotation please provide your street address and an email.   You can email me at or and I will reply as soon as possible.  Or you can text me 073 828 0202

Detail of the visits
Each kitty visit lasts 45 minutes.  I offer two visits per day normally in line with Swedish pet care requirements.  I can offer one visit on your departure and return days obviously.   If your needs vary from this, get in touch and we will discuss it when I meet you.   

On arrival, I spend a bit of time saying hello, then I feed your pussycat soon after.,  plus clean and refresh their water bowl.  Finally I clean out the cat litter out and remove any waste.  Once the main duties are done,  there is lots of play/cuddle time with kitty, plus a message to you via Whatsapp  (or another online message method).   Also included is obviously watering your plants for you and collecting post.   

Visiting your home by public transport

1 visit per day (1 - 20 minutes travel)    275 kr  2 visits per day 550 kr  (eg Högdalen/Bandhagen)

1 visit per day (21-30 minutes travel)    287 kr  2 visits per day 574 kr (eg Södermalm/Globen)

1 visit per day (31-40 minutes travel)    315 kr  2 visits per day 630 kr (eg Normalm/Årstadal)

1 visit per day (41-59 minutes travel)    344 kr    2 visits per day 687 kr (eg Kungsholmen/part of Solna)

More than 60 minutes travel        on request, subject to workload

CATSITTING (at my home)
I can offer home cat sitting at our cosy and comfortable 60sq.m. located close to Gubbängen T-bana, Enskede, for one or more cats that normally live together in the same household.  
 They will be warmly welcomed and well loved!  

I can offer a pick up or drop off service, based on request. 

Staying with Trygga Tassar (per 24 hours OR PART THEREOF)

1 cat      275 kr 

2 cats  320 kr 

3 cats   370 kr


- Giving medication attracts a supplement, subject to what is given and how receptive your cat is. Usually 10% (Can give insulin; 12 hour interval insulin administration attracts a different surcharge if a 12 hour break required between shots)

- Red Days and high season dates (I will advise) attract supplements of 50-100%.  Over Christmas dates 24-26 December I generally only offer one visit per day as it gets so busy, unless you have a cat with special medical needs, and in that case I make an exception.

If you cancel a job that has been confirmed by you, and  I had to turn down another job at the same time, I ask that you honour the amount of lost business amounts to.    This would be calculated at the time you notify me. 

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