CATSITTING (visiting the customer's home)


Please provide your street address for an estimated cost before meeting.   You can email me at or and I will reply as soon as possible.  Or you can text me 0738280202.  I do need an email for a quotation.

My prices are calculated on a combination of travel time + cat sit time.  Example costs below include the travel time + the cat sit time fee so are fully inclusive.  The time allowance is long it takes to get from my door to your door including walking times to/from public transport .  If I have to take a bus as well as the t-bana, I will quote a supplement. If I have to walk more than 10 minutes from public transport, I will quote a supplement also.

Each kitty visit lasts around 40-45 minutes.  I offer two visits per day unless you have friends helping out or it is your departure or return home date, so I am quoting both once and twice daily below.   Each visit includes feeding, cleaning cat litter and removing waste, cleaning and changing their water, playing and cuddles with kitty, plus always a daily message to kitty human via whatsapp usually.   Also included is obviously watering your plants for you and collecting post

1-6 day bookings and longer

1 visit per day (up to 20 minutes travel)    250 kr  2 visits per day 500 kr

1 visit per day (21-30 minutes travel)         268 kr  2 visits per day 536 kr

1 visit per day (31-40 minutes travel)         295 kr  2 visits per day 590 kr

1 visit per day (41-50 minutes travel)         321 kr  2 visits per day  642 kr

1 visit per day (51-60 minutes travel)  408 kr  2 visits per day 816 kr


- Giving medication attracts a supplement, subject to what is given and how receptive your cat is.  Usually 10%. 

- Red Days and holidays attract supplements of 50-100%.

If you want longer visits this can be quoted on request and subject to schedule.   

CATSITTING (at my home)
I can offer home cat sitting for one or more cats that live together at our c. 60sq.m. apartment located in Gubbängen, Enskede.  I will quote this on request.  Prices start at 250 kr per 24 hour period (this price is based on max 2 cats - same household)

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