CATSITTING (visiting the customer's home)


Please provide your address for an estimated cost before meeting.    I can provide an exact quotation once I have been to your home for a visit to meet you and your cat, so you are happy with me and my service.

You can email me at or and I will reply as soon as possible. 

My prices are calculated on a combination of travel time + cat sit time.  Example costs below include the travel time + the cat sit time fee so are fully inclusive.  The time allowance is long it takes to get from my door to your door including walking times to/from public transport .  If I have to take a bus as well as the t-bana, I will quote a supplement. If I have to walk more than 10 minutes from public transport, I will quote a supplement also.

Each kitty visit lasts around 45 minutes.

1 day bookings - quoted separately on request

2-6 day bookings 

1 visit per day (up to 20 minutes travel)    240 kr

1 visit per day (21-30 minutes travel)         255 kr

1 visit per day (31-40 minutes travel)         281 kr

1 visit per day (41-50 minutes travel)         306 kr

Longer distance - price on application

NB Discounts may be available for 7 days or longer.  The exception to this is during pandemic times when the business cannot offer this for obvious reasons.  It is very difficult earning a living at the moment. 

If you want longer visits this can be quoted on request and subject to schedule.

Red Days and holidays attract supplements of 50-100%.

Annual increase usually applicable.  

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